Adventure Planning,
Made Easy.

Needing to do something wild, but not sure how far your wild side or budget will take you? We have some ideas for you!

1. Find Out Your Adventure Type

When I first decided I wanted to be “more adventurous”, I did not know what that meant. After trying different adventures, myself, I’ve broken down what I classify as the three types of adventures and created a quiz as a vantage point for planning an adventure by defining which type of adventurer you are. Your type can change over time, but is a good way to understand what you’re looking to get out of an experience.

2. Your Results, Explained

Learn what your quiz results say about you! Narrowing down what type you are will help you understand what entertainment to look for, what attractions to see, where lodge, how far to go, and which budget range to stick with.

Plan a Unique Experience or Stay

You’ve been camping and hiking for years, but haven’t fully committed to making yourself stand out from the others. You’ve made a decision to redefine what “adventure” means to you. You are ready to do something wild and your friends will not believe you mustered up the courage for this experience. Swing from the trees of creative strategizing and hop through puddles of laughter; Nature’s spark is about to light up your life with an adventure of a lifetime.

Go On a Day Adventure

Your primary goal right now is balance; balance your family life with work, finances, and health. Amidst the chaos, you’re craving a change of perspective and need a little break. While you cannot commit to anything crazy, you’re craving making a memory with all five senses. You’re ready to sink your teeth into a new flavor, bath in the forgotten culture of vibrant living, and relax in a pool of introspect and soul-lovin’. You’re excited to step away for a moment and do some realigning so you can make new memories and share them with friends when you return to your day to day life.

Do Something Creative at Home

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3. Plan Your Trip

Now that you know what profile you are, choose from the adventures in your category with my itineraries and resources.

Plan Your Trip

. Plan a Unique Experience

. See Day Trip Ideas

. Be Creative at Home

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