Let’s Connect!

Welcome to Chronically Jill! My name is Jill Tague and I am a professional artist by day and a blogger and adventurer by night/ weekends/ holidays. This year I am making it a priority to go back to blogging, so you’ll hear from me often this year if you’re part of our email list. When I’m not working for pleasure or a paycheck, you can usually find me on the trails of the Pacific North West.

Here are some questions that I get asked a lot!

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Rhode Island until I was about 11 and then we moved to the middle of nowhere in New Hampshire. There’s a special place in my heart for the great outdoors and rural forestry because it’s where I was raised.

Why did you start a blog?

Over 10 years ago now, I started a blog because I wanted a way to connect with people. This was well before social media had burst. I was using GIMP at the time to create graphics and recorded my videos about Rheumatoid Arthritis on my Macbook and uploading them to YouTube. For about 5 years now I’ve been mostly Instagramming my journey about living with RA, but only recently decided that I don’t want my disease to define me anymore and thus, I have begun my journey blogging about adventures, both near and far from my home.

My goal for blogging about the 3 categories of my adventures is to inspire my readership to think of adventures less about Instagram photos and more about doing something out of your normal routine that either teaches you a new skill, inspires and allows you to learn more about yourself, and showcases some of the skills that you already have, but just didn’t know!

Who takes your pictures?

I mostly take my own photos and have mastered the various ways to use my tripods. I have 5 tripods. However, my boyfriend is gracious and always snaps photos for me.

How tall are you?

I am 5 feet even!