The Best Places to Eat in Maui

Swap Meet
Pineapple Store

Where to eat in Maui was our Google search continuously throughout our trip. Some places were easy to find using apps like Yelp and Google. We found, however, that our three favorites for eating in Maui were completely under-advertised with some of the best food we’ve ever had (i’m lookin’ at you, crab-stuffed mushrooms).

Hawaii has about 200 species of crab.

Dole Whip is a topic of conversation in our relationship that occurs 2 times per week on average. When we found out Hawaii had Dole Whip, we had to get our hands on some. Stopping there was a special treat for us both, as it’s Jeff’s absolute favorite and I had never tried it apart from making it at home with the official Dole Whip mix in an ice cream machine. For those of you who don’t know, Dole Whip is a dairy-free frozen treat that people enjoy at the Dole factory and at Disney properties. The way it is whipped is where the magic is.

There are two competitor businesses, directly beside one another, for people to enjoy these frozen treats. The store on the left is the trademarked Dole Whip treat, whereas the place on the right is a small business frozen pineapple treat store that also sells pineapple merchandise. Since they were right next to eachother, we tried them both. We concluded that the Pineapple Store’s treat was far better. Why? Because it literally was just frozen Maui Gold Pineapples— they make it right in front of you. Now, both have their perks. We love Dole Whip for the Disney reminiscing and the sugar. However, there was something so beautiful about frozen pineapple and nothing else– not even water was added!