7 Shocking Facts about Airports

To Celebrate PDX’s 7th Year as one of the BEST Airports in the USA, here are some cool facts about airports. Afterall, what exactly does it mean if we are the best airport again for the 7th year in a row?

I always say our Portland, Oregon airport is the best not because they were actually rated the best, but they feel the best. You walk in and there’s people looking out for pedestrians and they, get this, actually have the right of way (cough cough, Boston). Despite southern hospitality, I’ve experienced excellent service at the PDX airport just by directing someone the right way or taking the time to steer them in a better direction to have their question answered.

The navigation through the airport is simple. So simple, that people even find ways to make it more complicated, thinking it’s bigger than it really is.

The bathrooms are clean at the portland airport. Now, I’m sure busy travel seasons have gross bathrooms in every airport across the country, but I have yet to experience that at PDX.

When you arrive, you are greeted by local musicians, sending happy little messages to your brain, reminding each traveler that traveling is supposed to be fun and doesn’t have to be so stressful all of the time. The music takes that “mall feeling” out of the scene and realigns the tone with what you’d experience in the lobby of a four diamond hotel lobby. Afterall, most people are paying about the same amount if not more for a one night stay at an upscale hotel. It might as well feel like one.

Can we talk about the food situation at PDX?

There’s a reason for the obligatory PDX Carpet Posts. When you hit the ground, you’re home to local cuisine with absolutely no upcharge just because you’re at the airport. You’re home to local goods, made here in Oregon, including “Made in Oregon” goods. When you’re here, you experience art from the get-go just to ensure that you’re embodying the idea of Keep Portland Weird.

What makes an airport so amazing? What doesn’t? Just recently I have been traveling more due to an increase in good health (yay!). But in the past it has been a nightmare to travel due to being worried about the cleanliness of airports, the endurance it takes to travel while taking autoimmune disease medicines, and the number of resources it takes to travel.

Some complaints I have heard about the portland airport is that there is not enough shopping. Now, this primarily comes from peoples who are from abroad and didn’t have a chance to do enough shopping while in the United States, but I find that…you’re usually not in the US to shop and if you are, the PDX airport will find ways to make you consider shopping more locally by only offering local goods to appease your shopping itch.