To Bring or Not to Bring the Dog

There are a few different services out there for pet sitting, which all have their pros and cons.
For the past year and a half, I have been pet sitting for owners who need either a quick getaway or need to travel to a remote destination for an extended period of time.
As a sitter, I find it worthwhile to have Rover take out some of my earnings to handle all of the back-end work like scheduling, messaging, GPS tracking, and payment. For you, as the pet sitter, this is a huge benefit as well– the sitters run a thorough background check and have to pass certain tests in-person in order to qualify as a dog walker and sitter.
In addition, their customer service line is 24/7 and the service members have all been are are still currently some of the top pet caretakers in the company. I’ve used their services many times and have always been pleasantly surprised at the level of quality service.
If your pet is your baby, I recommend going with Rover.
What Rover is:

  • A trustworthy service for someone to watch, feed, exercise, and administer medications to your pet
  • A place dog and cat lovers
  • A career for some– these people help to serve their community and be paid monies for their contributions to society to help pay for the food on their table
  • A side hustle for many– this passive income source helps to provide money for books in college or to help pay off debt
  • A therapy for some previous pet owners who can’t commit to having a pet of their own or future pet owners who need to understand the responsibilities that come with owning a pet

What Rover is not:

  • A free service
  • A grooming service, though some pet sitters qualify and are willing to groom pets for additional monies
  • A weight loss program- It is at the pet sitter’s discretion to take the dog for longer walks than the 30-minute walk option pet owners can opt-into

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  1. Thank you from one Jill to another for the review on My husband and I travel quite frequently and I have a 3 year old Shih tzu that I hate to leave behind. We like to spend Christmas in Fort Myers Beach, Florida and I left her last year with what I considered our best friends and they mistreated her badly enough that I vowed that I would never leave her with anyone else ever again. I have Lupus and Scleroderma and my baby girl, Phoebe, was just certified as my therapy dog which means she can now go on any airplane free of charge and she can go into any store or restaurant of my choosing and she can’t be turned away. This automatically made me feel better because she was very traumatized by us leaving her with our so-called friends ( which are no longer our friends). I will definitely check out Rover and thank you for taking the time to do this!! Jill Bolster

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